Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The Special Economic Zone Act 2005 and the SEZ Rules 2006 came into effect on 10th Feb 2006. The main objectives of the SEZ Act are : a) Generation of additional economic activities b) Promotion of exports of goods & Services. c) Promotion of investments from domestic and foreign sources. d) Creation of Employment. e) Development of infrastructural facilities to aid export growth. Under this Act, a special economic zone can be set up in India which is treated as a foreign territory for the purpose of customs and on which certain special privileges and benefits are granted from various provisions of tax laws, labour laws and other control measures. At present, there are more than 200 SEZs units functioning in India. As a specialised team, we do the following :

What we do

  • SEZ Consultancy services
  • Legal support services
  • Business support services
  • Board of approval & Unit approval committee
  • Dispute resolution
  • Co-ordination with Customs, Port, State / Central Governments
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